What services do you offer?
Renovation Budapest is a turnkey solution for renovation, decoration and even new construction. With these services, we also offer custom designs and provide the best building materials and finishes.
What does the process look like?
Once you contact us, we will discuss your ideas, budget and expected outcome. We will then provide you with a customized proposal and ensure that our work exceeds your expectations. We will work with you to develop your design, finalize the plans and help you choose the right products.
Do you supply materials?
Yes! Renovation Budapest is in contact with suppliers from all over the world to provide you with high quality materials. You will be presented with hand-picked products that will make you completely satisfied. The only thing you need to think about is the amazing result you will get.
What about deadlines?
Each project is individual and the time it takes to complete depends on the final plans and what will be included. But the average time for a condominium renovation project, our most popular service, is 4 months.
What about the budget?
There are many variables to consider when it comes to your project and the estimation of that project. We provide different levels of service (classic, high-end and prestige) to fit your goals. Contact us today so we can discuss your goals and establish a budget that meets your expectations and needs.
How noisy are the renovations?
Any type of construction will naturally be noisy. But we will do our best to inform you of the times when the noise will be loudest and to minimize it.
Will the work be dusty or dirty?
Some phases of renovation and construction will be messy, especially during the demolition phase and while sanding and cutting materials. However, you can be sure that we will take care to minimize them with our dust control protocols.
Do I have to stay home during the renovations?
We will accommodate your needs whether you are present or not. But if you can't be there, your home will be in good hands.
Who is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits?
If you need, Budapest Renovation can handle the entire process for you so you don't have to worry about it. We have our own permit management specialist who will make this process easy.
Do you provide architectural drawings?
Yes, we are a full service design firm. Our team will work to develop an architectural plan (3D rendering also available) for your project if needed.
Do you do new construction?
Renovation Budapest is a full service design and construction company. We handle everything from remodels to new construction. Whether you want to refresh a room with a beautiful design or start from scratch with a new construction, we have all the expertise and tools necessary to make your wishes come true.
Why shoud I choose Renovation Budapest?
Our company and all our collaborators have an approach based on solid values: quality and rigor, responsiveness and customer service, professionalism and innovative designs of superior quality. Our work is entirely focused on the accomplishment of your project.

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